Dear Planner, trust God’s Plans

I have mentioned numerous times on this blog that I enjoy planning. It helps me to feel organized and allows me to know what’s already going to happen.

But you know what’s the “worst” thing for a planner?

The plans not happening.

It can be rather frustrating when something comes up and we can’t do what we already planned. But the thing is, we need to not hold on so tightly to the plans we have.

When we make the plans, we need to hold them loosely because we have no idea what might be thrown our way. And that is why we need to work on trusting God more.

Did you know that there’s a such thing as self-centered planning?

It was something that had never crossed my mind until my family and I listened to a sermon by Adrian Rogers called Planning Your Future.

Self-centered planning is all about seeking your plans instead of God’s plans, meaning you’re also planning without God.

The things that we have in mind can be good things, but will it glorify God? What if it’s not within His will for you to do that particular thing right now?

What if He doesn’t even want you to do that specific thing because He has something else in store for you?

Well, you’d never know until you stop thinking about yourself and choose to seek God’s will. But it first starts with surrendering our plans. When we pray, we must plead, “Lord, show me your will!” instead of, “Lord, bless my plan!”

The Lord is the one Who establishes our steps and we can only be in-tune with His plans if we ask Him. Ask the Lord for His desires to become yours and to whole-heartedly trust Him with whatever He has planned.

You know, sometimes I wonder and somewhat worry about if my plans for the future will never go through.

My hope is that after graduating High School I will pursue a degree in Journalism, have a career, get married, have kids and then homeschool, and at some point become an online school teacher.

But the thing is, those are my plans. That is what I desire, but what is it that God desires?

There’s nothing wrong with making plans, but we need to give them to God. He’s the one who establishes our steps and thus He will show us if He has a different way. However, if we hang on to our plans so tightly, we’ll become stubborn and won’t want to listen to what God has to say.

We have no idea what the right path is. There’s a lot that we don’t see right now so we can’t really say that our way is the best way.

If we really want to be on the right path, than we must ask the Lord to reveal His plans to us. However, we have to be willing to trust what He has in store, even if it means our plans either never go through or don’t happen right away. And we have to be okay with that because nevertheless, He will be glorified.

Heart check: Are there any plans that you are tightly holding onto? What is the first step you will take to surrender them to God?

To God be the glory,

7 thoughts on “Dear Planner, trust God’s Plans

  1. That hit close to home because I am definitely a planner. Actually, the reason I hated using planners, journals, and such was that I could never fulfill my plan exactly how I wanted to and would get frustrated. 😆
    Thank you for these great reminders, especially as I’m thinking of resolutions and goals for 2022❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    • Haha, I know exactly how you feel! That’s probably why whenever fill in my planner, I never look at it afterwards. 😂 But I’m glad that this post encouraged you. Praise God!

      Liked by 1 person

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