Not Part of the Plan Preorder Ends Tonight!

Y’all, the Not Part of the Plan preorder ends tonight at midnight! Where I live, that’s about 3 hours away! So if it’s not already midnight where you are, I’d honestly suggest preordering it like right now.

I can personally say that Not Part of the Plan has been such a fruitful and encouraging read. A majority of my e-book version is highlighted and I have many sections bookmarked so that I can re-read them. And I will say how crazy it is that they talk about trusting God in certain seasons that I’m currently in right now!

Whatever you are facing right now, you will be oh so encouraged by the real, personal, and raw testimonies both Bethany and Kristen share.

Okay, I better stop talking before I start sharing my review! But seriously, go check it out! And even if you don’t pre-order, definitely buy the book; it releases tomorrow! If you want to learn more about trust, get Not Part of the Plan.

To God be the glory,

Seasons Change

Well, it’s that time of year again: fall. Isn’t it just a lovely season? The leaves are changing colors and fall from trees, every treat is becoming pumpkin related, scarves are our new best friend, and much more. Slowly but surely, summer is fading away; the flowers are dying and the warm weather will soon become crisp.

Honestly, I enjoy seeing the change of seasons. It reminds me of how much life will always change.

Nothing is ever going to be the same because that’s just life. But although change is never bad, it can be hard.

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Trusting God with Everything

Trusting God is one of the most difficult things for me to do.

Because I’m imperfect, I desire to do everything within my own strength. However, I fail every time.

But the only was we can get through and do anything is by putting our in trust in Him.

Isn’t that rather hard to do though?

We think we know what’s best, but really, we don’t. And thus, we cannot depend on ourselves.

I’ll always remember when I participated in the National History Day competition earlier this year. It was one of the most awesome experiences I had ever had, yet most challenging as well.

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Not Part of the Plan Launch Team

Hello, friends!

If you follow the ministry Girl Defined, then you are well aware that they are releasing a new book next month. It’s called, Not Part of the Plan: Trusting God with the Twists and Turns of your Story.

Well, regarding that book, I have some exciting news.

A couple of days ago, I got accepted to be apart of their launch team for the book!

I am super excited because I enjoyed being apart of the team for Shine Bright so, so much. And I know that this book is going to encourage me in a lot of ways.

Trusting God in everything is the central focus of the book, which is something I struggle with, so I cannot wait to see what they have to say and share my thoughts about it with you all!

Whose excited for this book release!?

To God be the glory,

I’m Back

Dear friends,

I never expected my hiatus to be so short. I also never expected myself to miss blogging so much.

To be honest, I was kind planning to not come back to blogging until at least December, but I guess the Lord changed my heart.

It seems as if after I wrote my hiatus post, a lot of blog post ideas began to run through my mind. And God has certainly been working in me the past couple of weeks.

I have some things planned, which I’m looking forward to and pray that you will be encouraged. 🙂

I just started back to school last Monday, so my posting definitely will be kind of sporadic since I am taking more advanced classes. However, I would like to know in the comments below if you have any post suggestions. I desire to not only encourage all of my followers as a whole, but also individually. So please let me know and I will try my best to write that post for you. 🙂

To God be the glory,

Blogging Hiatus

Hey friends,

Last night I found of the results of Bible Bee and unfortunately, I didn’t qualify again. It wasn’t a surprise because I had a feeling I probably didn’t do well, so it’s just another disappointment. And it really hurts this time because my study partner did qualify. I’m having such a hard time coping with this. Thus, I think I need to take a little break from blogging.

I have no idea how long it’ll last, but I may post occasionally. I just need to have time to process it all and get over it.

Thanks for understanding and I’ll hopefully be back sometime soon.

The Why Behind Shine Bright + Summer Study

Hey, friends!

As you know, I have been talking a lot about the Shine Bright devotional by Kristen Clark and Bethany Beal. But you might be wondering why it is was even written. Why do they want to encourage young women in this way? In the video down below, Bethany explains why they together wrote this devotional.

Before wrapping up this post, I must mention that the Shine Bright summer study starts TODAY! 🎉🎉🎉 If you are looking for a way to dive deeper into God’s word and grow to love it more, then consider joining! To learn more information, take a look at I hope to see you inside!

Shine Bright Summer Study

Are you still trying to decide what you’ll do over your summer break? You’ll have so much free time to do whatever you since school obligations will not be in the way. But what exactly do you want to spend all your time on?

One way that you can spend your summer is by getting into God’s word more. This wonderful book is what will shape and transform your life to help you reflect Christ.

You may be thinking, “I read my Bible everyday already so what more could I do?”

I’m sure that there are many other young women who are thinking the same thing. So, why not participate in a summer study?

Kristen Clark and Bethany Beal will be doing a study through their new devotional, Shine Bright starting on June 1st! This will be a great opportunity to submerse yourself in God’s word and learn more with fellow sisters in Christ.

Are you willing to commit your summer to getting into God’s word and becoming a girl defined by God? Do you want to go through this journey with other ladies?

Then this is for you! Check out for more information.


Defined by God – Shine Bright

Have you ever thought that you were made to shine bright to reflect Christ? Have you ever felt like you didn’t know where to start? Were you afraid of what others may think because you want to live for Christ?

“A girl defined by God can walk into any room and be confident in who she is.

Do you believe that you are a girl who is defined by God?

If you desire to learn more about shining bright for Christ and how to be defined by His word, then check out the Shine Bright devotional by Kristin Clark and Bethany Beal.

This is the perfect resource for any young lady who wants to be more like Him.

Head over to for more info.