Why Pray?

You’ve probably heard many people say that prayer is crucial to the Christian walk. You’ve also probably heard the verse, 1st Thessalonians 5:17 run into the ground. But why is praying something that a lot of Christians hype about? I mean, even non-Christians will toss around the word “pray.” Can we assume that praying is […]

Love Riot – Book Review

Title – Love Riot: A Teenage Call to Live with Relentless Abandon for Christ Author – Sara Barratt Genre – Christian nonfiction My rating – Every teenager needs to read this book. Sara wrote this book with the intention of challenging teenagers to take their walk with God more seriously and intentionally live for Him. […]

Dear Planner, trust God’s Plans

I have mentioned numerous times on this blog that I enjoy planning. It helps me to feel organized and allows me to know what’s already going to happen. But you know what’s the “worst” thing for a planner? The plans not happening. It can be rather frustrating when something comes up and we can’t do […]


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