Recent Favorites

Hello, friends!

I am back with another favorites post. Since I was on a hiatus, I figured that I shared what I have enjoyed recently. I plan to do this monthly again starting in October, however, I’m excited to share what has encouraged me in almost the past 2 months. I hope that you find something that will encourage you!

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My Bible Bee Testimony

Note: This is a pretty long post, so be prepared.

I began writing this testimony during the Summer Study. I wanted to document the whole journey, but after I didn’t qualify, I couldn’t bear to open the file. I was even tempted to delete it. However, I did not.

This summer was an interesting one for me, both spiritually and emotionally.

There were some thing that I experienced that I had never experienced before. Yet, it has all caused me to grow closer to the Lord.

I hope that this testimony of mines encourages you, especially fellow Bible Bee-ers.

Keep pressing on, my friends. Keep pressing on.

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July Favorites

Hello, friends!

I am back with another favorites post. I’m excited to share what has encouraged me this month, and hope that you find something that will encourage you.

*Note – Although these resources have encouraged me, that does not mean I agree with everything that these people may do or say. We are all sinful and have different opinions, so just remember that as you sift through the resources.

Blog Posts

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Reflection Tag

Hello, all!

I thought it would be neat to create a tag as my last post of the year. I cannot believe how fast 2020 has gone by, and so much has happened. Who would’ve assumed that we would be in a pandemic for this long? Only God knows and has a purpose in it all.

Honestly, this pandemic is what sparked the idea for this. Although this year was quite unusual for the whole world, God is still faithful and by our side. He has done many things for us that we do not deserve as we are imperfect sinners.

Therefore, I present to you the reflection tag.

Here are the rules:

Thank the person who tagged you.

Share 8 things that God has blessed and/or taught you in 2020.

Tag 5+ bloggers.

Let’s get started!

1. National Bible Bee Summer Study

I was so ecstatic when March 16th of this year rolled around. When I woke up that morning, signing up for the Summer Study was the first thing I thought about. After live-streaming the competition last year, I wanted to try it, and I’m glad I did. It helped to learn more about studying God’s word and got me back into the habit of memorizing Scripture. This summer is one of my favorites because of the Bible Bee!

2. Trust

From August to now, I have faced many experiences in which I had to trust God. I have been learning how much I cannot trust myself because I am imperfect. I cannot do anything on my own nor lean on my own understanding.

3. His plans are always perfect

Every season of life has a reason. Though it may be frustrating to deal with a trial, it is all a part of God’s plan; the hills and valleys. He has everything perfectly planned out that is a part of the plan for our life. Trust Him because He is the only one with perfect guidance who can get you through the plan He has. Follow His lead.

4. My 8th-grade teacher

In my last year of Middle School, I had the BEST teacher ever. I was so surprised to find out that Mrs. K was a Christian, which shifted our relationship from teacher-student to friends. She was always encouraging me back then and still does to this day. She is the only teacher from Middle School that I stay in touch with, and I am so grateful she is in my life.

5. Gaining a leadership position

Being secretary of the student council has helped me grow my leadership skills. I am learning to be more reliable and responsible, as I am depended on heavily. I enjoy the group of students that I am working with, along with the advisor. Completing tasks for the student council is one of the things I look forward to each week!

6. Encouraging friends

I love all of my friends equally and am thankful to have them in my life. I did not have a friend until 6th grade, and more have come since then. However, I appreciate how all of them (including my friends who aren’t Christians) always encourage me. Whether I am having a good or bad day, whether they know what kind of day I am having, sometimes a text or email from one of them comes at the right moment, even if they’re just checking up on me. ❤

7. Priorities

Sometimes, it is easy to put God on the back burner during certain seasons of life. As I have mentioned before, life has been hectic, and therefore, there have been times where I don’t make time for God, even though I should. He should always come first before anything else. I realize how much I need to include God in my life because otherwise, I feel like a total wreck, as I have nothing sturdy to lean on. I have those moments where I fall off the track, but He will never stop waiting for me to come back; nonetheless, keep Him number 1.

8. Conviction

With books and television shows/movies, I have been learning what I am and am not comfortable viewing and determining if it is God-honoring content. This might sound weird, but being convicted and utilizing discernment has been refreshing. Why? My parents have always talked to my siblings and me about both conviction and discernment, but I never had to deal with it because I was younger. However, since I am older now, I have been given the privilege to choose things independently, which has been helping me grow in this area.

I hope that you enjoyed reading through my reflection of 2020. I am so thankful that God has allowed me to make it to the end of another year! Now, it is time to tag other bloggers. For those I tag, you are not obligated to participate. 🙂

Josie @ Apple Blossoms

Grace @ Vibrant for Jesus

Hannah @ His Priceless Daughters

Sierra @ Journey Promises

Be sure to check out these wonderful blogs, and I hope that you have a blessed last day of 2020!

What God is Teaching Me – The Lord Establishes my Steps

Hello, everyone!

Wow, this month has flown by quite quickly. It is already May! That means this week was the last week of Annie’s challenge. I am so glad that I participated! God has taught me so much from spending extra time with Him, and my relationship with Him has grown! Thank you so much for hosting this challenge, Annie! It was a great motivation and a blessing. ❤
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What God is Teaching Me – Walk by Faith, Not by Sight

Hello, all!
This week marks as week 3 of Annie’s challenge! Her challenge has been enjoyable to participate in, and I cannot wait to continue to the last week. 🙂

It has been incredible spending extra time with God (which, I have said in almost every post). But it is so true. There is so much that God wants to teach us; we need to be open to hearing from Him because it will help us grow in our walk with Him. I am grateful for what God has been teaching me! Continue reading “What God is Teaching Me – Walk by Faith, Not by Sight”

What God is Teaching Me – Spiritual Gifts

Hello, all!

Wow, it is already Friday! It seems as if the week went by very fast. However, it has been a good week. It was week two of Annie’s challenge! What a spectacular journey it has been so far!

I have been motivated to continue spending extra time with God, even when I do not want to. He has continued to reveal many things to me. I am grateful to learn more about Him through His word and cannot wait to see what else He wants to teach me! Continue reading “What God is Teaching Me – Spiritual Gifts”

What God is Teaching Me – Draw Near to the Lord

Hello, all!

Today, I want to switch some things up a bit. Currently, I am doing a challenge for the whole month of April that Annie is holding. It is such a great idea! You can read more about it here. 🙂 I am glad to be participating because it has helped to stay motivated to spend more time with God! A young lady with an incredible blog that I am following is also doing the challenge and will be sharing what God has taught her from spending extra time with Him each week. I thought that it was a good idea and decided to do that as well! Thank you for the inspiration, Rae! Continue reading “What God is Teaching Me – Draw Near to the Lord”