Welcome, 2023

Another year has ended. Honestly, 2022 feels like a blur. So much happened, blessings and trials alike. Nevertheless, the Lord has remained faithful and I’m so grateful for everything that He has shown me. I hate when things come to an end because that means we have to move forward and with that comes change. I’m not ready for what I know is to come next and truly wish I could go back in time…but I can’t. Not knowing exactly what the future will look like is a tad frightening, however, I know that God has it all perfectly planned out. No matter what happens next, He will ultimately be glorified.

It’s a new year, which means new goals, new experiences, and new hills & valleys.

As we live through the next 365 days, let’s remember Who is always with us.

Let’s remember Who is always in control of everything.

Let’s remember Who we are to live for no matter what the world tells us.

Let’s remember Who is worthy of our praise.

Let’s remember Who deserves all the glory and honor.

We cannot go through life on our own, unless we want absolute destruction. We are so imperfect, which means that we will never know what is best. Oftentimes when a new year rolls in, people create resolutions for the purpose of creating a change in their life. They wish that they were someone different and believe that by doing these things, they will become more content with who they are. However, we will never be satisfied with anything in the world, including our own achievements. We always will want something more. That is why it’s important to loosely hold onto the goals we create. I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with wanting to shoot towards something, but if it’s not honoring to God, it’s pointless. Thus, we should surrender them to Him so that He can either convict our hearts or show us how we can bring Him glory through them.

As you finalize what you want to accomplish this year, don’t forget to include Him. Everything may not go the way you desire this year, but when we cling to His guidance and ways, the other things won’t matter as much. Why? Because we will slowly find contentment in what He has planned and realize that what He had in-store was much better than anything we could ever think of.

I have always wanted to do a word/phrase of the year, and I attempted one year but did not stick with it. However, I want to try harder this year, especially because I thought of a phrase that I was slowly learning about towards the end of 2022 and would love to cling to more. Well, actually, it’s two phrases:

Not my will, but Your will” & “Be still and know.

I must be still and trust the Lord as ultimately His will is going to be done. He leads and I will follow, but I must learn to patiently wait on Him and not go ahead of Him. It’s hard because I want to be in control because I have an idea of how I want things to go and everything is currently unknown to me, but I don’t know what will best glorify Him either. Last night, I sent this message to some friends:

It’s less than 4 hours before us PST-ers hit New Year’s Day. Honestly, I am not ready for 2022 to end. I hate endings because I know that change will be coming. I’m nervous about what is to come in 2023 as I will be experiencing some major life changes. I feel so unprepared. but God has been reminding me that He will be with me through it all. I don’t have to worry because He will be guiding as I navigate the changes and He ultimately is in control. No matter what happens, He will sustain. My prayer for my family and friends this next year is that we will continue to seek the Lord with all of our hearts and also continue to see His goodness. He is with us…always. 💛

No matter what will come this year, He will continue to be faithful to His children and direct us in the way that we should go. Don’t doubt His ways, but trust Him.

Happy New Year’s, friends. ✨

To God be the glory,

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