January + February Favorites

Hey there, friends!

Can you believe that February is over? It seems like this year is flying by fast already! In a minute, it’ll be June before we know it. Nevertheless, I still have been consuming some amazing content that has encouraged me so much already. Something that I enjoy doing is listening to podcasts while taking a shower or when I’m washing the dishes before I start school. It really is a nice way to keep my eyes on God while completing a per se mundane task. Anyway, I’m excited to share what has encouraged me between January and February! Let’s get started, shall we?

Blog Posts

Where I Go

Overcoming Lies I Believed About My Body

He Makes My Steps Secure

Do You Believe God Loves You…No Matter What?

The Truth About Productivity

Why I’m Currently Only Wearing Skirts



Worship Before Service | You Don’t Have to Be Blooming to Be Growing

Quiet Time: Getting Alone with God

Spending Time in God’s Word

Living Boldy

Fresh Reminders for Purity


The Whispers God Gives: A 30-Day Devotional Book for Teen Girls by Ellen Senechal

Love Riot: A Teenage Call to Live with Relentless Abandon for Christ by Sara Barratt

In His Image: 10 Ways God Calls Us to Reflect His Character by Jen Wilkin

What has encouraged you the past couple of months?

To God be the glory,

12 thoughts on “January + February Favorites

  1. How are you liking “Love Riot”? It’s been on my to-read list for…. a long time! 🙂 (Wow, it seems I’m always late at commenting on your posts. Better late than never, I suppose!)

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  2. loved catching up on your fave posts and things from recently, sweet Heaven, and I was super touched that you linked to Where I Go… I’m so glad you liked it! have a great march!!

    Liked by 1 person

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