Fall Blessings

Well, Thanksgiving is already here. Can you believe that? Another indication that the year 2021 is almost over. That almost seems impossible as so much has occurred this year. Although there were many trials, many blessings happened as well. A lot of people tend to write posts about what they’re thankful for in general, but I wanted to do something a little different.

Even though I’m grateful for normal necessities and things of that sort, I wanted to share what has blessed during this Fall season. As you know, it’s almost over and winter will soon be kicking in. So why don’t we take a little casual stroll and talk about the blessings of this Fall season?

*grabs a mug of tea, beanie hat, and heads out into the brisk air with leaves crunching underneath the feet*

Not Part of the Plan Launch Team

This book ended up being timelier than I thought it would. Trusting God when things don’t go our way is extremely difficult, but Kristen and Bethany gave practical yet Biblical tips on how to do so. It was encouraging to read their experiences and what God taught them through it. If you want to see more of my thoughts on this book, click here.

National Bible Bee livestream

The Scripture Knowledge Phenomenon of the Year to Broadcast on Facebook Live November 17-19 The ...

I kind of contemplated between watching the livestream and not because of what happened over the Summer. However, I eventually decided on watching it and I’m so glad that I did. Honestly, I was rejuvenated in so many ways. Watching peers around my age who want to know God more and desire to grow in their walk with Him was absolutely encouraging. And I’ve been even more encouraged to memorize Scripture and study my Bible more. It was just such a blessing.

Getting Published

I was planning to write a short post on the day I got published, but never got around to it. Better late than never though! However, you’re probably wondering what I’m even talking about so let’s back track.

Well, at the end of October, I had an idea for a blog post and wrote it up pretty fast (over 1000 words in a day). After reading it over, I figured that since it was about something I had already talked about on here already, I would use it as a guest post. I continued editing it so that it met the post criteria for The Rebelution. Eventually, I finished editing it and then decided to email my article just to see what would happen. The following week after submitting my article, I received an email from them. I held my breath as I clicked the email because I assumed that it was a rejection. However, when I finally read the email, it said that they wanted to publish my post! I seriously couldn’t believe, but I’m thankful that it happened as I’ve now been able to share my story with a larger audience. If you’re interested in reading the article, click here.

Miscellaneous Blessings

Helping my sweet friend study for the National Bible Bee Competition and our endless sidetracked conversations

A letter from a pen pal I hadn’t heard from in a while

Blog post ideas running through my brain

Discovering hymns I’ve never heard before

Psalm 84 (look it up!)

Family time

Bookstore trips

*finds a bench to sit on and crosses right leg on top of the left leg*

Well, friend, we’ve made it to the end of our little stroll. However, I’ve done quite a bit of talking, so I would love to hear from you. What are you thankful for during this season?

To God be the glory,

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