Getting Out of a Spiritual Slump

Raise your hand if you have been a spiritual slump.

I can assume that most of you have because we all deal with that. Let’s face it: since we are imperfect humans we cannot do anything perfectly, including making time for God.

I have been in a few spiritual slumps, and let’s just say that they aren’t fun. That is why I wanted to write this post about ways to get out of them.

If you’re currently in a spiritual slump, keep reading. And if you’re not, keep reading; there’s something for you too.

Ask God for the desire.

If we don’t feel excited to dig into God’s word anymore, then we won’t do it. And when that happens, we feel discontent. We’ll try to find other things to fuel our joy, yet that won’t last because the things of this world are temporary.

The emptiness that we feel can only be filled by God. He will bring the peace and joy that we need, for He is eternal. And that is why we must gain the desire back, which we cannot do on our own. Our flesh will always contradict whatever will feed us spiritually. So, we need the Lord to help us get that enthusiasm back. But we must do our part, which is praying.

You can just simply say, “Lord, help me to have the desire to spend time with You again.”

Don’t let anything hinder you from being in His presence. He wants to have a personal relationship with you. When you feel His nudging, which is Him silentely saying, “Come spend time with Me,” go and obey. Spendng time with God when you don’t want to will help you to see what you have been missing prior. Slowly, you’ll feel eager for your devotional time everyday and won’t want to stop.

Read Psalm 119

I absoutely adore the 119th Psalm. It’s such a beautiful reminder of Who God is and what it means to live for Him.

When I was in a spiritual slump about 2 years ago, I read this Psalm everyday for about a week. It fueled me and made me want to experience what the writer of this Psalm was talkng about.

It made me want to grow deeper in my relationship with Christ and also memorize Scripture again.

Sure, it’s long, but it is full of encouragement. Take the time to read it.

Start a Bible reading plan

My Dad always says, “A Bible reading plan helps you to know where you left off if you get off track. Meaning, you won’t have to start over, but just pick up where you stopped.”

I feel that a Bible reading plan can help with motivation. If you think about it, it’s like setting a goal for yourself.

“By such and such a day, I’ll be finished with the Minor Prophets” or “by this time next year, I’ll finish the Old Testament.”

It’s the little things like this that can get us jumpstarted to dive back into God’s word.

Get an Accountability Partner

Lastly, an accountability partner can also help with motivation. You can encourage one another, share what you’re learning, and simply grow together in Christ.

I have loved going through the whole Bible with one of my friends. Sure, it’ll soon be 2 years and we’re still early on in the Old Testament (2nd Chronicles), but what matters most is that we our growing. When you complete doesn’t matter, but merely doing it is what counts.

And having a partner helps with reliability. Keeping each other motivated to continue pressing on.      

Spending time with God helps us to mature in our faith and learn to rely on and trust Him more. The journey is tough and there will be bumps along the way, but He is here to give you strength and guidance to move forward, even when the going gets tough.

Stay grounded in Him, my friend.

To God be the glory,

14 thoughts on “Getting Out of a Spiritual Slump

  1. It’s great to have posts like these as resources for when we do experience “spiritual slumps” as you call them. I know I’ll be looking back at this one in the future.

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