July Favorites

Hello, friends!

I am back with another favorites post. I’m excited to share what has encouraged me this month, and hope that you find something that will encourage you.

*Note – Although these resources have encouraged me, that does not mean I agree with everything that these people may do or say. We are all sinful and have different opinions, so just remember that as you sift through the resources.

Blog Posts

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Don’t Grow Weary

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Why I Love the Bible Bee

I am once again participating in the National Bible Bee Summer Study. What a blessing it has been to learn about what it means to be a witness and those who were persecuted for proclaiming the name of Jesus. It really has encouraged me to want to share the Gospel with others and that has become a constant prayer of mines lately.

It seems like this year, Bible Bee feels a bit different for me personally and I know why.

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Suffer for His Name

Witnessing can be a pretty scary thing. We really don’t know what people will think or say when we try to share our faith and tell them about Jesus. And you know? The Enemy uses that fear to keep us from following the Great Commission.

What if they make fun of me?

Will they deny accepting Christ?

Will they think I’m stupid for believing in Someone I can’t see?

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