Go Be a Witness

Sometimes it may seem like the idea of God using us to witness to someone is crazy. I don’t know why, but I guess it’s because when something hasn’t happened yet it’s hard to imagine it happening. But you know what? Just because it hasn’t happened, don’t doubt God. He can bring an opportunity to you in a split second, and you must be ready. How can you be though if you’re not sure when it’ll come?

Simply talk with the Lord. Ask Him to prepare you for whatever opprotunites He has in store for you.

I love how in Acts 4:29-31 (look it up!), the disciples were praying and asking God to help them to continue speaking His name with all boldness. That comes to show that they weren’t just laying around, expecting Him to give the guidance or strength to proclaim His name. Instead, they were actively relying on the Lord.

We cannot do anything without the Lord’s guidance. Anything that pertains to proclaiming Christ must be done with His guidance, otherwise, it won’t bring Him glory. Why? Because He wasn’t invovled.

We are commanded in Acts 1:8, a very well-known verse, to share the Gospel “to the end of the earth.” What a huge privellege that is. But we cannot go about doing it without the help of the Spirit of truth.

If we try to do anything on our own, it will be imperfect because we’re imperfect. And even though we are imperfect, God still wants to use us. Now, how is that even possible???

We are His vessels, the ones who communicate since Jesus is no longer here physically on earth. BUT, that doesn’t mean He is not working in some way because He is. He works in the heart of the people.

We plant the seed and water it a little, then He comes in to help it grow. In a sense, He uses our words as a jump starter.

We must follow the Great Commission so that others can be saved and have Hope. However, must first allow God to do a work in us. This is where a heart check comes in.

Are you allowing God’s word to transform your life?

Are you still living in the old sinful lifestyle of yours?

Do others see the fruits of your labor?

Can people tell if you have Christ in your heart or not?

Do you desire to have a relationship with God? Or is He just on the back burner?

Before we can even tell people about Christ, we must be on track with Lord.

Yes, we will fall off the wagon sometimes, but that is all apart of the journey and that’s what can be said to people. Life won’t get easier when you accept Christ. In fact, it’ll be harder because you’ll experience spiritual warfare. However, it can be combatted by staying on your knees in prayer.

Nothing we do can ever be done perfectly, but with the guidance of the Lord, it will be done just the way He desires.

He’s not done with you, friend. Let Him work and find a way to live for Him today. Take a stand for Jesus and don’t be ashamed.

If the apostles were able to do it, so can we.

I had no intention of releasing this post today (yet alone writing it at such a late time last night). I had no intention of posting as regularly as I have been. But the Lord has been putting so many ideas on my heart and instantly given me the words to write; I have so many drafts. And you know, God has given me the time to write even though I’m busy with Bible Bee and other things. Honestly, this shows me that this is exactly what He wants me to do and I’m grateful for the opportunity. There’s a purpose that He has for me with this blog and I pray that He may be glorified and that you, my dear reader, would be encouraged.

15 thoughts on “Go Be a Witness

    • Glad you liked this, Lilly! Haha, that’s totally understandable; Bible Bee takes a large portion of our life right now. But that passage really is a great reminder. I’m glad that was one of the MPs!

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  1. Wow, this is so good, sis! I love that you added Acts 1:8 in as well. Such a powerful verse about what it means to share the love of Jesus to everyone around us!!
    -kaelyn 😛

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    • Aw, thank you, Kaelyn! And yes, that verse is so powerful. No matter how many times people use it over and over, the truth of it still stands. ❤


    • I’m so glad, Josie; praise God! Yes, I’m super thankful for the work He does within us. Acts is such a beautiful story of showing how God wants to even use us, broken humans, to further His kingdom. This study has been such a great reminder of that! ❤


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