Shine Bright – Book Review

My time a part of the Shine Bright launch team is coming to an end. Oh, it was so much fun to help promote this devotional! It was really neat to help out a ministry in this way. Girl Defined has done an excellent job with encouraging girls to love their Savior more and more over the years. Of course the people behind the ministry are not perfect, but you can see their heart. To conclude this journey, I am writing a review.* If this devotional interests you, then keep reading!

Shine Bright is all about staying grounded in Christ, becoming a girl defined by God, and quiet time. I absolutely love that, as those are three areas we all can grow in.

Continuing with that, it was nice that they had  the “Ready to go deeper?” section at the end of each devotional. This is where application plays a part. There are verses or passages of Scripture to mediate on and either questions to answer pertaining to them or journal prompts. I liked this section a lot, as you can discover what you need to pray for yourself or others and how you can grow in your relationship with Christ. There is always something to be learned from the Word of the Lord and this section encourages that. Dive into God’s Word for yourself so that you can fear Him more.

Since there are two authors, you can distinctively tell who wrote which devotional. Bethany Beal wrote in a very casual tone, which made her devotionals feel personal, as if she was talking directly to you. Kristen Clark wrote in a mentorship tone, which made her devotionals feel like she’s teaching at a conference. I enjoyed the difference in writing styles, as that played an interesting role of how you perceive the various topics. And what I also liked is how they would connect a story from something that occured in their life with whatever the topic is. You’ll definitely be in for some good laughs along with the need to cry your eyes out!

So, would I recommend this devotional? Totally! It is a beautiful encouragement to young women to continue living for Jesus no matter what. Despite cultural norms, it’s okay to be set a part so that we can bring glory to our Savior. What an amazing reminder to remember every day.

I hope that you will consider checking out Shine Bright. I think you will be encouraged in so many ways!

*I receieved a free copy of Shine Bright in exchange for an honest review. All of these thoughts are my own.

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