Do Not Grumble or Complain

“Do all things without grumbling or disputing…”

Philippians 2:14

When I was younger, I used to have major attitude problems, especially when I had to do things I didn’t like. It was always visible on my face and how I would go about completing that task. But after stumbling upon Philippians 2:14 in 7th grade, everything change.

In everything that I do, I must glorify Christ. In this case, what I mentioned above, it would be honoring my parents. I have to respect the authority God has put in my life and also Him, Who is the ultimate authority.

And you know, this even applies to God’s will for our life. We should not follow the steps of Jonah by running away from God. Whatever He has called us to do, we must complete it because it’s a part of His will for us and will bring Him glory.

But you want to know something amazing? Even if we don’t complete what God asks us to do right away, that is a part of His plan. Using Jonah again, he eventually came back to God and spoke to the people of Nineveh. God already knew that Jonah would go his own way, but He later brought him back.

Recently, I discovered an audio drama called Discovery Mountain (side note: the organization is Seven-day Adventist, so everything may not be theologically correct), and the first album dealt with the main character, Jake, running away from God. He felt the Lord calling him to be a missionary, but he thought he was inadequate to do that, plus he was planning to become pilot. He was flustered that things weren’t turning out his was because when he was running away, he kept coming back to Discovery Mountain, his new mission field.

This first album shows how God wants to use anyone. We should never pout about the things we must do because it’s an opportunity to honor God. And truly, we should never take our ability to do anything for granted.

Follow Him no matter what and keep serving Him. Reflect Christ and shine your light with everything that you do. Allow God to utilize you as a vessel for His Kingdom and to share His everlasting love. He has so much planned for you.

Don’t complain about what God has in store for you, but instead, be receptive of it. Sure, it may involve not doing what we want to do, however, it will bring God glory.

Do you want an opportunity to serve God? If so, start by asking God what He wants you to do right now.

4 thoughts on “Do Not Grumble or Complain

  1. These were good thoughts, Heaven! Thank you for sharing from your experiences. I love Discovery Mountain! Most of the time their differences in doctrine don’t come across too strongly.

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    • I’m glad that you enjoyed this post, Hannah! All glory goes to God.

      Discovery Mountain is quite lovely from what I’ve heard so far. Whenever I listen, I’m practically listening out to see if anything theologically incorrect is said, so that’s good to know. 😅

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