What God Taught me Through the National Bible Bee Summer Study 2020

This post is long overdue. I have wanted to write it for a long time, but I honestly needed to stop thinking about it. Every time I thought of Joseph’s story, my mind immediately went back to not qualifying for the National Bible Bee. Even writing this post was somewhat difficult.

However, I am slowly learning to let go of it. It is hard, and I still dislike thinking about it, but nonetheless, participating was a blessing. I learned so much about Joseph that I did not know before, and it has helped my walk with God. Now, I am ready to share what God has taught me through the summer study.

Trust God in Everything

I must admit, Joseph had it tough. For 14 chapters, so much happened. But, God remained faithful. The way He worked things out was according to His plan, and Joseph continued to trust that. He is such an example for us when we go through difficult seasons of life and face trials. When the path seems dark, there will always be Light ready to guide us through it. 

Trusting God means that we have to stop relying on ourselves and follow what He has planned. I know that it can be challenging because we want things to go the way we want, and we may not like what God has in store. Or sometimes, we are afraid to give up control because we do not know what will happen next.

But that is why we must grow in our faith. Trials are a test of faith, and it truly can only grow when we face them. 

Remember that God’s ways are perfect, and there is a purpose in EVERYTHING that happens. We have nothing to fear because He is perfect.

Forgive No Matter What

Joseph was treated very poorly by his brothers. Forgiving can be tough because we may want to cast revenge on that person and just do not want to talk to them anymore. But always remember that we are sinners as well. We are no better than the person who is treated wrong, despite being Christian or not.

God forgave our sins by sending Jesus to die on the cross out of love, so then we would not have to suffer in that way. None of us deserve what Jesus did on the cross, but we must show it to others because He did. We are to love our enemies as they are God’s creation, too. Demonstrate grace, love, and mercy to everyone around you so that you can be a light and reflect Christ.

Overcome Evil with Good 

Like I mentioned before, it can be easy to gain the desire to cast out revenge on those who are treating you poorly. But you know, that is not what Joseph did. Despite all the bad that his brothers did to him, not only did he forgive them but even provided for them later when he rose to power. Frankly, that was God at work in him.

Ever since I discovered Romans 12:21, it has been stuck in my head ever since. We are to turn the other cheek and not be like the other person. We are to be the bigger person by doing what Jesus would do. As I have said on numerous accounts (and will continue to say), we are not perfect and will make mistakes; however, that does not mean we should not strive to glorify Christ.

Even though we will fail in doing certain things, that doesn’t mean we cannot overcome evil with good. That’s what Joseph did.

I have learned so much through studying Joseph’s story over the summer, and I am grateful for the opportunity. Despite not qualifying for the competition, God began working in me as I experienced a test of faith. I am still dealing with that test, but I have learned to rely on and trust in Him. His ways are perfect, so I never have to be afraid.

Always trust Him, my friend.

8 thoughts on “What God Taught me Through the National Bible Bee Summer Study 2020

  1. This is beautiful! It is amazing to see that God is using something that is so disappointing and hard to deal with to teach you something and to bring you closer to Him! ❤ Your worth is not defined by you not qualifying for the Bible bee! What matters is that you now have a greater treasure than a national Bible Bee qualification, God's Word hidden in your heart! ❤ Thank you for being willing to share this, I know it can be hard to let go of things we were hoping for when God says no, or not now. But when He says no, it is always because He has something better in store <3. Keep on blogging, you are such an encouragement to me and I hope that you know God valuable you are!

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    • Thank you for your encouraging comment, Rae! It truly is amazing to see how the Lord works. We have no idea what His plans are, but He will perfectly guide us, as His ways are best. Receiving a “no” can be difficult, but even that is a part of His plan. There is so much that He has in store! I am so grateful for all of the Scripture I memorized over the summer, and I desire to keep it up. ❤ Our worth should not be found in anything on this earth, as it is all temporary and will eventually fade away. We should be fully satisfied with Christ for He is eternal. That can be difficult, especially for a perfectionist (like myself!), but it's a lesson to be continually learned through trusting God. I am so glad that God has been using my words to encourage you, and am grateful that you are my sister-in-Christ! ❤ I try to remember that I am valuable in God's eyes no matter what happens!

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  2. Wonderful post, Heaven! I was thinking about doing this too, but you summed it up pretty well!

    I’ve found it so interesting that this year’s theme was Trust. 2020 was a trial for most people, not as much me, but it was still hard and trusting God is so crucial to having peace, true peace. And God is trustworthy. Even orchestrating the theme for this year, I don’t believe was a coincidence. God knew and God provided, which proves He IS trustworthy. But even more then just proving He is trustworthy, we have to believe it. And to Him who believes it is accounted to Him for righteousness. Not because of what we do, but what He has already done.
    I could say more, but this comment is already long… 😉 Have a great day, Heaven! ❤

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    • Thank you so much, Grace! All glory to God. ❤ He is and always will be trustworthy, but we tend to want to trust in ourselves first. We want things to go our way; however, we will only fail, as we are imperfect. So when we face trials, we are to fix our eyes on Him. When we put our trust in Him, He will provide in ways that we may not even realize, yet He did. I definitely agree, the theme being trust was not coincidental, but God's perfect timing. Which is why I am so grateful! Thank you for your lovely comment, Grace! 🙂

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