Monday Encouragement

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We do not need to be filled with panic because as believers, we know Who is in control. Even though things look bad to us, God has His reasons. However, no matter the end result, this is all a part of His perfect plan! That is why we need to trust Him! Put your faith in Him and not in fear, worry, or panic. Fill your mind with Scripture and spend time with Him in prayer. Hide His word in your heart to combat your fears with the Truth. Do not worry about what may happen because He knows what is best. 🙂 It is a new day and new week to start seeking the Lord. He will never leave or change, so keep your focus on Him. ❤

How are you dealing with any anxiety, fear, panic, etc that you may be facing?

10 thoughts on “Monday Encouragement

  1. Thank you for the encouragement! (Sorry I’m late in commenting!) Great Bible verse! I have been trying to help other people with encouragement and cards, which has greatly helped me to not be focused on fear! Honestly, this virus has strengthened my relationship with Christ because I am learning to become more disciplined in how I spend my time, and spend time with Him. Great post! ❤

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    1. That is so wonderful, Rae! It is so good to hear how God is using you to be an encouragement and light to those around you. And praise God that this stituation has strengthened your relationship with Him! He is working in you. ❤

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