Dear Fear,

Dear Fear,

I might be a sinner, but you cannot hold me back from running to my Savior. I cannot allow you to be in control because you are a lie. That is why I need to trust God and not you. He deserves the steering wheel because He knows what is best. He will lead me to the truth because He is true! Which is why He is my only fear. Now, do not get me wrong I am not afraid of God. However, I am in awe of His wondrous works. He has shown me love, grace, compassion and has been working on me ever since I first accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. He died on the cross for my sins so that I could be FREE! Free from being a slave to sin to a Child of God. Fear, did you do that? I think not. You can come into my life all you want, but I will not be with you for long because I desire to be with One who will never leave me. God’s place is to be in control of my life because He has a perfect plan for me. You can make me afraid of what the future may hold all you want, but God is still in control. I believe in Truth, not lies.




What does the Bible say about fear?

2 Timothy 1;7          Isaiah 41;10







Matthew 6;34        Proverbs 14;27








Psalm 111;10

Encouraging Resources



What Bible verses encourage you to have no fear? How do you remind yourself that God is always in control?

12 thoughts on “Dear Fear,

    • I agree! We do need to realize that more and more. He is our Savior and is control of everything! Thank you, all has been well with my family! ❤


  1. I can relate with this so much! For so long I allowed fear to rule me, I believed I could never get rid of it because I thought it had power over me. But God opened my eyes to see that it had no power over me at all, it just wanted me to think that it did. Instead God has power over fear! Thank you for this post! ❤

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